Holiday gift giving and home care

We may have just put our jack-o'-lanterns away, but if you're not already thinking about Christmas, you're already behind.

The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to check in with your referral sources and wish them happy holidays in a memorable way. But before you do anything, be mindful of the Stark Law, and the federal Anti-Kickback Statute and any applicable state regulations. You definitely don't want your holiday gesture to run afoul of the law. 

If you're not sure about whether something you have planned is legal or in compliance with your state's rules, check with your local legal counsel. Remember, just because another home health company is doing something, that doesn't mean it's legal.

With that in mind, there are several ways you can show your appreciation for the excellent working relationships you've developed and spread holiday cheer while staying fully compliant with all applicable laws. It's important to remember that the gifts given can't reflect the volume of referrals provided by the physician -- it's really best to provide the same gift for everyone.

Here are a few ideas:

  • For a conservative approach, stand out with a holiday card that subtly reinforces the value of home care. Make sure to sign it by hand -- extra points for having your entire leadership team sign it.
  • Make a charitable donation to a group that supports a relevant health care issue (American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, etc.) and let your referral sources know that in lieu of gifts, your company has chosen to support the worthy charitable cause.
  • The holidays are an excellent time to distribute branded home care calendars. These not only educate about the benefits of home care or hospice or when a referral is appropriate,but  these attractive calendars will be referred to all year long, putting your referral information in prime position countless times.
  • If opting for a more traditional nominal holiday gift, try to make it a little unusual. For example, if you've decided on a coffee mug, look for one that's distinctive in shape or function. Try to come up with something that will be useful for the recipient: maybe an essential oil reed diffuser, phone power bank, umbrella, or a smart lunch tote. For help navigating your options, contact TAG Partners today at 866-232-6477 ext 2018.