Health education: A marketing opportunity you may be missing

Hosting regular health-related classes for seniors is a simple and direct way to reach out to your community’s older members and help them see you as an expert when it comes to senior care. You will establish a meaningful presence in the locations they frequent (senior centers, libraries, ILFs, ALFs, etc.) while you provide relevant and useful information they can apply to their lives right away.

Free health-related education classes are also a great way to build relationships with facilities that serve your area’s senior population because they help strengthen their own image, too. After all, that’s the place they’re turning to for this great programming.

It may be daunting to consider setting up an education program from scratch, but there are ready-made classes designed to make it easy.

TAG Partners’ Health Matters Education Series is a collection of senior-focused classes designed for a non-clinician to present. Topics cover a broad range of issues important to this community, including understanding Medicare, fall prevention, heart health, and depression.

In addition to instructor guides, other available presentation elements include a pop-up screen to draw attention to your event, informational flyers for attendees, posters and postcards to promote your event, sales brochures to assist in setting up your event, and a marketing kit to help you tie it all together. Items are available in a package online, but email to ask about individual pricing.

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