Salute your staff this National Nurses Week

We couldn’t do all we do without the hard work of the wonderful nurses on our staffs. National Nurses Week is May 6–12, and it should be devoted to recognizing the nurses at your agency as well as those at long-term care facilities, hospitals and medical staffing agencies in your market.

  • Host a special luncheon, reception or small get together to honor one or more nurses at your agency for going above and beyond in their work, for their years of service, or for their heroic acts.
  • Schedule and host an editorial board meeting with your state or local newspapers. Discuss the importance of nurses in home care as well as the nursing profession’s concerns about health care issues such as quality of care or the growing need for in-home care.
  • Visit the TAG Partners website to our full line of Nurses Week products. All materials are fully personalized to your agency.
  • Place an ad in your local newspaper to honor your community’s nurses. Contact your referral sources and get the names of their nurses to include in the ad. Be sure to get their permission to include them in the ad before it runs.
  • Place an item on your municipal government’s meeting agenda seeking to formally declare May 6–12 as National Nurses Week. Sign up to speak during the meeting’s public comment period or at the agenda item’s reading to publicly express your agency’s appreciation for nurses. Find a sample proclamation here.
  • Offer a sincere thank you to the nursing professionals in your own agency. Prominently display this thanks in your agency newsletter and on your agency’s website.