Build your home care partnerships this January

It’s time to make an effort to recognize an important health care partner that might not be getting much love: your local pharmacists. Jan. 12 is National Pharmacist Day. These important professionals not only serve as an additional safeguard to keep seniors safe from potentially dangerous drug interactions, but can be a wonderful source of referrals.

  • Take time to drop in on your local pharmacists with a gesture of appreciation for the work they do. This can be a simple and memorable personalized card.

  • While calling on your local pharmacists, be sure they know the benefits home care can have for their customers, particularly medication adherence, fall prevention, companionship and increased patient safety. Be sure to leave behind brochures that outline your general services.

  • Partner with a local pharmacist and staff a table together at a local health fair. Work together to answer health and medication-related questions from attendees. Be sure to take her to lunch afterward.

  • Place an item on your local government’s regular meeting agenda seeking to officially recognize Jan. 12 as National Pharmacist Day in your community. Be sure to attend the meeting and sign up to speak either as the item is read into the record and voted on or during the meeting’s public comment period. Spread the word to the pharmacists in your community and encourage them to attend to receive their well-deserved recognition in person.

  • Update your agency website with a badge and short recognition of pharmacists. Take photos of a few community pharmacists and include them in the post to help your clients take notice of these often unsung professionals.

  • Utilize your social media streams to show your support of pharmacists and the work they do.