Cancer Prevention Month: A time for home care to step up outreach

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. With so many forms of the disease and such high prevalence, cancer touches nearly every American family in some way. Make solid efforts this month to increase awareness of effective cancer prevention and early detection, as well as how home health, hospice or private duty home care can help.

  • Smoking is one of the greatest risk factors for developing cancers of the head, neck and lung. It also may place people at increased risk for other types of cancer. Try to get the smokers in your agency, in the offices of your referral sources, and among your clients to quit for good by sponsoring a Quit Tobacco Day. Although the Great American Smokeout isn’t until November, the American Cancer Society’s webpage for that observance has tons of effective ideas and activities.
  • Find all the trinkets and promotional items you will need to get the conversation going about this month’s initiative by calling TAG Partners at 866.232.6477. We can direct you to the items that you need, such as pens, tote bags, mugs and other promotional items.
  • Team up with your local hospitals and sponsor a mammography voucher program. These programs provide education, counseling, breast cancer screening and diagnostic services to low-income women in your community. Have your partner hospitals or women’s care centers agree to run the diagnostic screens for women free of charge. This program has provided services for women across the country. For more information, contact your local Komen for the Cure organization.
  • Promote early detection by creating a flyer with basic guidelines patients can follow to increase their success of detecting cancer early. Leave these in local physicians’ waiting rooms. Here’s some basic information to start.
  • Promote healthy diet changes as an effective way to prevent cancer. This month, volunteer to teach a 30-minute class about healthy diet and foods that can help prevent cancer. Here’s a great place to start your research.