Patient Recognition Week: Show your home care clients a little extra love

It’s time to recognize those people who make everything we do possible: Our patients.

National Patient Recognition Week takes place every Feb. 1–7 and National Patient Recognition Day is Feb. 3. Set aside time to show your current (and prospective) patients how much you appreciate and value them. They’ll remember this personal gesture the next time it’s time to turn to home care.

  • All patients your agency comes in contact with today should receive a special surprise: A flower, card or other small treat. Be sure to let them know you appreciate them and are ready to help them in any way you can.
  • Show your commitment to providing your community’s best home care services by contacting your local television and radio talk shows and asking to discuss patient satisfaction and Patient Recognition Day with the shows’ hosts.
  • Post your agency’s thanks to your patients on your website.
  • Take to the Internet to host a virtual town hall meeting. This online event can make patients feel like the valued partners they are. Encourage clients and their family members to participate to learn about the latest happenings in your agency and to offer their feedback about your performance.
  • Make your patients’ lives a little easier by giving them a handy way to keep their fragile Medicare card protected and in good condition. Hand out Medicare card protective sleeves, which already contain a card promoting your agency as the source for home care or hospice and a toll-free Medicare number.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by redoubling efforts to improve communication between care providers and patients, as well as within the agency overall. Make sure your staff knows the importance of good communication not only with clients, but also with referral sources, other staff members and superiors.