Volunteer Week: Honor those who help or share your own time and talent

National Volunteer Week recognizes the hard work of those people who give their time and talents to improve their communities and the entire nation. This year’s celebration, which seeks to encourage more people to engage in their communities, is April 10-16.

Make the commitment to recognize the volunteers that help your agency run smoothly and those employees who give of themselves to make your community a better place. It’s an incredible civic marketing opportunity.

  • Visit the Points of Light Corporate Institute webpage to get great information about beginning a company volunteer program. The Points of Light website also has a wealth of ideas about how to organize activities for your agency.
  • Take the time to participate in the local branch of Meals on Wheels or your community food bank. These programs play an important role in reducing hunger among seniors and are a remarkable way to allow your agency to directly improve the lives of your community’s seniors. Not only should employees be encouraged to participate, but you should seek to sponsor one of the organization’s fundraisers (don’t forget your agency’s branding when you participate).
  • Contact your local Senior Corps office to find seniors who are volunteers and advocates for your community, or those residents who are passionate about helping seniors. Take out an ad in your local newspaper to recognize these awesome volunteers. Find Senior Corps contacts here.
  • Find out which employees at your agency take the time and initiative to volunteer in the community on their own. Highlight their efforts with special recognition. Don’t forget to laud them in your agency newsletter and on your website. Contact TAG Partners at 866-232-6477 to learn about branded promotional items you can use to express your thanks.
  • Contact your local community leaders and let them know your agency wants to do its part to improve the community you share. Agencies that are associated with well-respected local leaders can attract interest from other leaders and from potential partners.