October opportunity: National Chiropractic Health Month

There's a place you may not have turned to yet for referrals, but it’s a place that sees many older adults with chronic and painful conditions – the offices of your local chiropractors.

Developing relationships with chiropractors in your community can open a new stream of referrals for your agency. October, celebrated across the country as National Chiropractic Health Month, couldn’t be a better time to start.

  • Call on chiropractors in your area to introduce yourself and talk about how home care can help their clients. Wish them well this National Chiropractic Health Month
  • Fall prevention assessments are a great tool to entice chiropractic patients. Ask your area chiropractors if you can leave home safety flyers in their patient waiting rooms.
  • Partner with a local chiropractor to host a class on aging, balance and fall prevention. Allow the chiropractor equal time to speak, but be sure to talk about your agency’s services, particularly those regarding fall prevention, vestibular rehabilitation and medication management. Distribute your general marketing brochure to attendees.
  • Private duty agencies call on chiropractors and offer a special introductory package of services for their clients who are recovering from injury, surgery or illness.
  • Send the chiropractors in your area a simple thank-you card with a handwritten, heartfelt message. Have your agency’s leaders sign the card before you send it on.
  • Consider providing chiropractic services for your employees. Some chiropractors will happily agree to reduced rates, which you can choose to cover entirely or partially for your employees. Because so many employees engage in such intensive tasks day after day, this inexpensive investment in their wellness will pay off in loyalty, morale and fewer days off work due to illness or pain.