Become an unexpected advocate for low-vision awareness

February is National AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month. According to the Macular Degeneration Association, about 9.1 million Americans over 40 have Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). It is the leading cause of legal blindness in those ages 65 and older.

Visit the websites for the Macular Degeneration Association and Prevent Blindness to learn more about vision problems and start forming your February outreach plans relating to this health observance. Becoming an unexpected advocate for low-vision awareness will help you stand out from other providers in your area.

The following tips can help you get started.

  • Contact your local Lions Club and become an advocate for your area’s eyeglass recycling efforts. Distribute your vision health flyers to the club’s members.
  • Seek out opportunities to distribute these flyers throughout your market. Make sure they state the benefits of your service relative to low-vision patient care.
  • Partner with a local optometrist’s office to teach a class at a local senior support group or senior church group about the need for early macular degeneration detection. Get started with this great macular degeneration toolkit from the BrightFocus Foundation
  • Private duty agencies call on local optometrist offices with a 3-hour meal preparation and safety supervision package of services for discharged patients with temporary vision impairment.
  • Sponsor a class on the effects of macular degeneration and low vision at a local assisted living facility. Donate branded low-vision bingo cards or magnifiers to distribute at the event. TAG Partners can help you find the items you need. Call 866-232-6477 to get started.