October's mission: Educate about lung health

This October, commit to educating the community about lung disease and the importance of lung health.

More than 35 million Americans have a chronic lung disease, according to the American Lung Association. Nationally, about 400,000 people die from lung disease every year. Join the effort to reverse this trend by observing Healthy Lung Month, an effort of the American Lung Association.

  • Bring in your local health care partners and sponsor a healthy lung presentation series. Visit four different church, civic or support groups and offer a 90-minute presentation about respiratory health issues, including smoking cessation, lung cancer, asthma and COPD. Take the opportunity afterward to talk about the respite care your agency provides in the home.
  • Visit local senior residential communities and promote behaviors that can improve lung performance, such as exercise, deep breathing exercises, and not smoking.
  • National Respiratory Care Week is Oct. 22- Oct. 28. Email a celebration/recognition message to all your community’s respiratory therapist and pulmonologist offices. Check out this free National Respiratory Care Week Planning Guide from the American Association for Respiratory Care for more ideas.
  • Distribute COPD brochures personalized to your agency at community events this October.
  • Spread the word about the Medicare-covered smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling benefits. Click the link for great information, including CMS-created educational materials.
  • Take to your social media stream and post information about lung health. You also can simply re-tweet or re-post great information posted by agencies such as the American Lung Association. Be sure to give the organization credit for their information.