National PT Month is coming up in October

By the time they reach their golden years most adults will either find themselves facing a possible orthopedic procedure or recovering from one. Regaining a full range of motion after a surgery is often a painful and difficult undertaking especially for an older adult. It is a common practice for an orthopedic specialist to prescribe physical therapy as part of their post-surgery recovery plan.

Physical therapy is a treatment that helps patients reduce their pain and regain function without invasive procedures or habit-forming medications. Physical therapists (PTs) are trained and licensed medical professionals who work with patients that have physical limitations. Physical therapy helps patients improve their range of motion through hands-on treatments or guided exercises. Patients can receive treatment in a variety of settings that include skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and their home.

A PT diagnoses a patient’s physical abilities and tolerance through a standardized evaluation process. Once a patient’s performance level has been identified, their therapist will work with them and their caregivers to establish improvement goals. The PT will map out a treatment plan to achieve those goals based on several factors including patient prognosis.  

Some Standard Methods of Treatment Might Include:

  • Guided Exercises

  • Instruction on proper use of stabilizing equipment, such as a walker or a cane

  • Proper transfer techniques

  • Massage, ultrasound, or heat/cold treatments

  • Proper techniques for stair climbing and traversing obstacles

October is the month to recognize the important work that PTs do and a good time to include information about your agency’s patient outcomes in your referral network marketing. Visit our Tag Web Store to stock up on your health care flyers customized with the physical therapy services your company provides.

Participation Ideas:

  1. Consider sponsoring a community activity within your service area highlighting your PTs and the services they can provide.

  2. Host a local PT clinic to raise awareness of the role physical therapy plays in pain management and restoring wellness.

  3. Visit senior centers and provide workshops on maintaining mobility. Be sure to provide brochures about your agency and all of the health care services you can provide