Plan Ahead to Honor Nurses May 6th!

Nurses Rock! How will you show your appreciation to the nurses who drive your agency’s success?

Nurses are the face of home care. Home health and hospice nurses wear many hats: nurse, caregiver, educator, therapist, counselor, and friend. They perform medical services and care for patients without the staff support they would have in a facility. In many cases they are the sole liaison between clinician and patient, making their patient evaluations and communications critical.

Working in patient homes also places nurses at high risk for on the job injury. Studies show that nurses are more likely than construction workers to receive a back injury on the job. Not to mention the dangers of navigating family drama that adds mediator to their job description. Home health and hospice nurses deliver amazing patient care.

Let’s take better care of those who take care of us. Take action in your agency this April to make nursing less challenging and more rewarding. Here are some ideas on how to create an environment that will motivate and empower your nurses:

  • Demonstrate your trust

  • Provide necessary resources

  • Set clear expectations and give your nurses autonomy to achieve them

  • Engage in conversations and show that you care about them

  • Support vacation time

  • Show appreciation

  • Welcome input

The celebrate their day:

  • Host a cook out for your staff and their families, provide games and prizes.

  • Spotlight each nurse on your staff through social media posts. Post a short bio and some fun facts about them and why they chose nursing as a career.  

  • Recognize the nurses who staff your referral sources with notes, flowers, and a surprise brunch basket filled with goodies and lattes.

  • Offer to sponsor an educational presentation at local high schools on the rewards of nursing, the abundance of nursing jobs, and how students can plan for a career in nursing.

Check out the TAGwebstore for Nurses week remembrances.