Marketing Advanced Care Planning: Home Health and Hospice

The one thing we can expect in life is the unexpected, and having an Advanced Care Plan in place is the best way to prepare for it. Advanced care planning is the process of researching and documenting your health care choices should you ever be unable to communicate them. Creating an advanced care plan (ACP) enables to you to discuss your health care and end-of-life choices with family and friends without the urgency of an emergency. Once you have an advanced care plan is in place, no one will be burdened with making ambiguous decisions about your health care. 

The main ACP documents you need are a living will and a medical power of attorney.

  • A Living Will is the document that details the level of medical treatment you want in the event you are unable to communicate your wishes.

  • A Medical Power of Attorney is the document that identifies your appointed “health Care agent.” This agent will make health care decisions on your behalf. This includes general health care, as well as end-of-life care. The person you appoint will only make these decisions once a physician determines that you are unable to. (keep hand written instructions for your agent with your MPOA detailing your preferences in hospitals, facility care vs home care, etc.)

 Marketing Advanced Care Planning for Home Health:

Include CMS reimbursement information in your home health marketing strategies. Give your referring physicians the billing codes* and step by step instruction on how they can bill for Advanced Care Planning: Physicians Guide to Advance Care Planning

Marketing Advanced Care Planning for Hospice:

Hospice nurses are rock stars and great headliners for your ACP marketing presentation. Promote their skill and compassion as an incentive for everyone to include hospice care as part of their ACP.

The American Nurses Association defines a palliative care nurse as one who manages their patient’s disease, attends their physical discomfort, and recognizes that each patient’s well-being also includes psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual dimensions. They are highly trained professionals who have the knowledge and skills to manage pain and other distressing symptoms for patients with life-limiting illness, and to work with them and their families in end-of-life decisions making.

 An Advance Care Plan can be used at any stage of life and should be updated periodically.

Provide your referral sources Advance Care Planning materials that highlight the advantages of Home Health and Hospice Care.

Resources: Long Term Care. Gov | NIA-Long Term Care | – Long-Term Care

*CPT billing codes: 99497: First 30 minutes of face-to-face ACP, including discussion of advance directives with patient/family and completion of forms, when performed. Reimbursement value: $86.49 (National Payment Rate).99498: Each additional 30 minutes of ACP. List separately. Reimbursement value: $76.04 (National Payment Rate). _Source: CMS Physician Fee Schedule Updated July 2019