Recognize these professionals who work tirelessly for your patients

Join the “Movement for Health” campaign on Sept. 8 and celebrate World Physical Therapy Day. The day, promoted by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), is an opportunity for physical therapists around the world to promote the profession and the role it plays in keeping populations active and healthy at every age. Use this observance to teach the community about your home health agency’s physical therapy services.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Stop by the sponsor organization’s website to learn more about the day. While you’re there, check out their helpful toolkit to assist in your planning.
  • Check out this press release template for the day and modify it to announce your company’s observation of the holiday. Make sure to call attention to the physical therapists on your staff and the important work they do. Consider interviewing a patient who has benefited from your physical therapy services and include their success story in the press release with your company’s contact information. Send it to all the media outlets in your area and post it to your website as well.
  • In your efforts to raise awareness of the crucial contribution that physical therapy makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent, distribute a company newsletter focused on the benefits of physical therapy. Check out issue #31 of TAG Partners’ Health & Home newsletter for a professionally designed newsletter that speaks to the benefits of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology and promotes the benefits of home health care. Hand a stack of these newsletters out to all of your referral sources to display in their waiting rooms.
  • Inactivity causes disability and contributes to millions of deaths around the world every year. It can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Organize a walkathon and make your base of operations a local senior center or rehabilitative center. Be sure to have plenty of flyers promoting your agency’s physical therapy services.
  • Make this your mantra to the community: You are never too young or too old to stay active — just half an hour of moderate exercise every day can make a real difference. Teach a class on senior exercises at an assisted living facility. Call 866-232-6477 for individual item pricing.
  • Make sure to give your physical therapists on staff an extra special treat to mark the day. This can be candy, a restaurant gift certificate, a sincere note of thanks, or something personal you know they’d enjoy.