These time-tested materials enhance brand awareness

How do you make sure you’re standing out when you make contact with referral sources or members of the public? Ideally, the substance of your message is your biggest leave-behind, but it never hurts to enhance this with something a little more tangible.

Promotional products are a time-tested way to keep your company top of mind and your referral information within easy reach. When you select a promotional item to brand with your information, it’s important to make sure the item you receive is high quality so that it ends up in their pocket rather than the wastebasket.

There are literally thousands of different pens, notepads, mugs and other promotional items available. TAG Partners has waded through these to handpick several items that are useful for home care and hospice contacts.

Popular branded items for home care include:

Before you decide on a strategy that incorporates promotional products into your efforts, make sure you familiarize yourself with what is allowed by the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law. Check with your lawyer or compliance officer to ensure your marketing plan falls within what is allowable under applicable federal regulations, as well as any state or local rules that may exist in your area.

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