Recognize professionals who can make or break your referrals

The professionals who keep our offices and the offices of all our referral sources operating smoothly deserve the extra attention they’re about to get this month. 

Administrative Professionals Week (April 23-29) is the perfect opportunity to highlight the important work these men and women do. Not only will your efforts be appreciated, but they stand to help increase your agency’s access to potential referrals as the professionals you went out of your way to recognize make an extra effort to help you succeed. 

Administrative Professionals Day is April 26. 

  • Start by recognizing the administrative professionals at your own agency. This week is all about making sure they feel appreciated and respected. Try giving them a heartfelt handwritten card along with an Amazon gift card or a copy of a business book you have enjoyed.
  • As long as you’ve got your pen out, make the time to sit down and write out (not type) a note of appreciation to the gatekeepers at the offices of your top 40 referral sources. Include a small token of appreciation such as a fun-size candy bar, single flower, or other small treat.
  • Send e-cards to the administrative professionals of all your referral sources, especially those you won’t contact in person this week. Find fun and unique cards here and here.
  • There are administrative professionals who go above and beyond to make sure you are assisted in a friendly, professional, speedy manner. Send their boss, your referral source, a note describing their excellent efforts.
  • Use your online presence to publicly recognize administrative professionals for all the hard work they do. Place a simple thank-you banner at the top of your website and don’t forget to convey your thanks over your social media streams as well.
  • Work on building your rapport with three to five gatekeepers this April. They’ll feel more comfortable with you and more receptive to your inquiries if you can find something in common. Be genuine and respectful, engage them, and pay attention to what they say, especially the details (e.g., ask how their daughter is doing by name if they’ve told you her name already).