Marketing Plan for 2019 – Expanding your Referral Network

The year may be winding down but your marketing should be revving up! Here are some ideas to help you hit the ground running this January.

  1. Decide how you want to distinguish your agency from other home health and hospice agencies in your service area.

  2. Review CMS Home Health and Hospice scores and build a presentation around those areas where your agency excels.

  3. Check out our Health Care Observance Calendar for observances that correspond with your marketing strategy and have your staff select events they would like to participate in as a group.

  4. Polish your image with branded Admission Books which not only streamline enrollment, but are a great marketing tool that show your referring physicians the caliber of professionalism their patients will get under your care.

  5. Visit your referring physicians. Ask them how you can help them communicate better with their patients. Discuss patient outcomes and how your partnership improves patient care and reduces readmissions. Provide print media that highlights your agency’s proven track record.

  6. Identify heath care partners that you may have previously overlooked, for example, your local pharmacists. Pharmacists make excellent referral partners and with National Pharmacist Day coming up January 12th, it’s a perfect time to pay a visit to reiterate the benefits of home care. Be sure to leave behind brochures that define the services your agency provides.

  7. Drop off a supply of cognitive building puzzle books at senior centers in your service area. Offer to teach a monthly class on a variety of age-related health topics.

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Happy Holidays

Understanding Home Health Care, Hospice and the Admission Process…

Patients and care givers can easily get overwhelmed when meeting with a Home Health Care or Hospice Nurse for the first time. The anxiety of a serious illness can make it difficult to comprehend diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, causing the enrollment presentation to sound more like a foreign language lesson.

No matter if you are the patient receiving this complex information or the care provider explaining it, you want the admission process to be as simple and understandable as possible. That’s where we come in:

We at TAG Partners have developed patient admissions booklets for home health, hospice and private duty home care to streamline the admission process for everyone involved. Your branded admission booklet will provide a professional, reassuring presentation as you the gather the information required to enroll the patient in services. The skillfully designed materials create a source of information that recipients will want to keep and refer back to. When it’s time to use your services again or recommend you to a friend, your referral information will be at hand.

Our admissions booklets include information such as service agreements, patient rights, privacy statements, home safety guidelines, agency information, and more. Presenting all your important information in a bound printed piece ensures nothing gets left out and no questions go unanswered.  

The booklets are completely customizable, with options including additional NCR forms, perforated pages, coil binding, pockets, custom covers, and modified content to meet your specific needs.

For more information or to place an order for your customized Admission Booklets, contact Patti Clark at 615-819-2018 or email her at: