Marketing Plan for 2019 – Expanding your Referral Network

The year may be winding down but your marketing should be revving up! Here are some ideas to help you hit the ground running this January.

  1. Decide how you want to distinguish your agency from other home health and hospice agencies in your service area.

  2. Review CMS Home Health and Hospice scores and build a presentation around those areas where your agency excels.

  3. Check out our Health Care Observance Calendar for observances that correspond with your marketing strategy and have your staff select events they would like to participate in as a group.

  4. Polish your image with branded Admission Books which not only streamline enrollment, but are a great marketing tool that show your referring physicians the caliber of professionalism their patients will get under your care.

  5. Visit your referring physicians. Ask them how you can help them communicate better with their patients. Discuss patient outcomes and how your partnership improves patient care and reduces readmissions. Provide print media that highlights your agency’s proven track record.

  6. Identify heath care partners that you may have previously overlooked, for example, your local pharmacists. Pharmacists make excellent referral partners and with National Pharmacist Day coming up January 12th, it’s a perfect time to pay a visit to reiterate the benefits of home care. Be sure to leave behind brochures that define the services your agency provides.

  7. Drop off a supply of cognitive building puzzle books at senior centers in your service area. Offer to teach a monthly class on a variety of age-related health topics.

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Happy Holidays

Marketing Opportunities: Health Care Observances

A New Year means new opportunities to promote your agency’s services. Review your print media and prepare for health care observances like Medical Group Practice week, which kicks off January 28th. Visit your referring physicians and drop off a variety of brochures and flyers they can share with their patients. How about: Educating seniors on medication safety?  

It is not uncommon for adults age 65 and older to take a variety of prescription and OTC medications every day.  It is important that seniors understand some basic facts about their medications:

  • What are they used for?

  • What side effects do they have?

  • How do I take them correctly?

  • How will they interact with my other medications?

Educating seniors on their medications and the importance of following the instructions is more important than ever before. If a medication is advertised on television, people tend to think it can be taken regardless of their existing health conditions or other medications.

Medication education is a service that home health can provide. Home health nurses and technicians are in a patients’ home multiple times each week. In addition to prescribed medications, they can review the over-the-counter drugs in the home and alert the patient to potential dangers that might be lurking in their medicine cabinet. They can explain the proper way to take each medication and follow up to ensure it is actually being taken.

 As a home health provider, be sure to supply your referring physicians specializing in geriatric care with customized Medication Safety flyers. We offer many topics relevant to senior care giving that are personalized with your agency branding and contact information.

Host medication education classes at your nearby senior centers and worship community gatherings. We offer a complete kit of educational tools on Understanding Medications and a variety of other topics. Follow this link to learn more.

Tips for Medicating Safely:

  • Use one pharmacy to reduce the risk of harmful drug interactions.

  • Check with your pharmacist when selecting OTC medications or dietary supplements to be sure they are compatible with your prescribed medications.

  • Use a pill organizer for all your medications and supplements.

  • Call your doctor or pharmacist if you experience unusual side effects after taking a new medication.

  • Take OTC medication according to the instructions.

  • Check expiration dates and replace medications that have expired.

  • Always choose products with the fewest ingredients.

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