Knee & Hip replacements – Why they are so common and how Home Health can help in recovery

Knee & Hip Replacements are more popular than ever, in fact they are among the most common elective surgeries in the United States. There are many factors that contribute to the elevated number of replacement procedures, but it is likely due to the success of the implants and the fact that people are no longer have to endure joint pain.

Joint replacements are a common solution to relieve severe arthritis pain in older adults, but in recent years much younger adults have elected to undergo the procedures. Studies show that nearly half of the hip & knee replacements currently being performed are on patients that are 65 and under, despite the possibility of a second procedure down the road if the implants wear out.

Medically reasonable and necessary physical therapy services for seniors and young adults are covered under Medicare. Stay in front of your referral network this summer by highlighting your expertise in physical therapy, pain management, accident recovery, and post-surgery rehab.

Here are some ways you can emphasize your company’s commitment to joint health and rehabilitation in your community:

  • Partner with local orthopedic clinics to provide bone density testing at local community events. Download and print free Bone Health brochures and information packets to hand out.
  • Visit your local senior centers and provide instruction on physical activities that older adults can do to help increase bone tissue and stability.
  • Provide educational materials on bone health related topics to your referral network that they can share with their patients.

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