Remote Patient Monitoring and Home Health Care

Home health care is a personalized caregiving service not often associated with technology, yet many agencies now offer state of the art caregiving technology by way of Remote Patient Monitoring systems (RPMS).

RPMS record vital signs and specified patient conditions via smart devices which are monitored by physicians and nurses remotely. This technology brings a new level of care to home health. The problem is that patients and-believe it or not-some physicians don’t know much about it. Be the voice that tells them.

Telehealth and specifically RCMS are means to expand your service area without expanding your staff. Virtual nursing visits can reduce miles driven and increase the nursing presence in the home. RPMS are an added convenience for patients that you can use to increase referrals. If you’re not jumping on board with this technology your agency is falling behind, because your competition is.

Many telehealth and RPMS manufacturers are eager to promote their products and happy help home health and hospice agencies market their technology. Here are a few resources to help get your telehealth program off the ground:

Seek out local pharmacies, clinics, and community organizations to allow your agency to demonstrate how your RPM program works, whereby promoting your agency’s cutting-edge home care services.

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