Start making your 2017 outreach plans with Medical Group Practice Week

Now that we're well into December, it's time to start looking toward January's home health marketing plans. A great place to start is National Medical Group Practice Week (Jan. 23-Jan. 27).

This healthcare observance provides an excellent opportunity to connect with important referral sources and recognize their hard work. 

  • Contact your local newspaper and offer to write a guest editorial about medical group practices and their continuing role in modern healthcare. If your request is denied, write a letter to the editor that expresses your appreciation for this group.
  • Co-sponsor an afternoon bake sale with a medical group practice and donate the proceeds to the practice’s indigent fund or to the National Medical Group Practice Association.
  • Schedule an instructional lunch to train physicians on Transitional Care Management. This physician-performed service took effect in January 2013 and allows doctors and other approved providers to be reimbursed for the work they do to transition a patient from a hospital setting to the community after discharge. Get a jump start on this strategy with personalized TCM collateral.
  • Team up with a local group practice and co-sponsor a blood drive (after all, January also is National Blood Donor Month). Have plenty of agency collateral on hand and provide goodies for those who donate.
  • Place an advertisement in your local newspaper thanking a local medical office staff for its support of your agency.

By having your January plans off to a solid start, you'll set the course for a successful year.