Help family caregivers take center stage this November

Our strongest partners in the care of our clients are their family caregivers at home. These loving people dedicate incalculable time and energy toward making sure their frail, ill or disabled family members get through their days with as much comfortable as possible.

November is National Family Caregivers Month. Make a commitment to honor the family caregivers who give so freely of themselves.

  • Approach local retailers and other businesses and ask about gaining their participation in offering coupons for free or discounted services for family caregivers in November. Compile this list in an agency flyer and distribute it to all your clients.
  • Market your services directly to family caregivers through a targeted postcard campaign. List services can help identify household income, gender and disease states. Because this information is all self-reported, it’s completely compliant. Promote your services directly to the family decision makers who are most in need of them. Need help getting started? Contact TAG Partners today at 866–232–6477.
  • A growing number of middle-aged Americans are finding themselves caring for both their aging parents AND their own children or grandchildren. Many do it while balancing careers as well. Approach the human resources departments of larger companies in your market and ask about speaking to their employees about the care options available for loved ones and how they can help them achieve better work-home balance. Be sure to have plenty of general marketing brochures and logo pens on hand to distribute. To add polish to your presentation and make it easier for attendees to find, consider setting up a pop-up banner with your logo and basic information. We can help.
  • Sponsor a family caregiver seminar in your community. Have informative discussions about long-term planning, care options, and home care services. Speakers can include financial planners, lawyers, geriatric care managers, social workers, and the full spectrum of home health and private duty providers. Include refreshments and invite professionals who can provide quick chair massages or manicures. Invite tons of vendors and make it an annual event. Don’t forget to alert the media.
  • Private duty agencies, call on specialty centers that serve elderly patients and offer a discounted package for respite care. Once these families are on service, it will be easier to sell them on more of the services your agency offers.
  • Being a family caregiver can be a lonely and isolating. Show caregivers in your community that they are not alone. Link to the Caregiver Action Network’s Family Caregiver Story Project on your website. Visitors can read about the experiences of other family caregivers or add their own. They can also find tons of resources there to help them in their caregiving role.