Home Health and Wound Care Management

Injury, surgery and immobility can all cause serious wounds that require time and treatment to heal properly. Home health provides wound therapy for acute and chronic wounds. It has been shown that home health care improves patient comfort and healing time, while reducing complications that can lead to wound related readmission.

Many home health agencies utilize specialized wound care clinicians to create an individualized wound care regimen for each patient, based on their wound type and the level of assistance needed. These clinicians can provide education to patients and caregivers on proper nutrition for healing, wound care, and how to recognize signs of infection.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 6.5 million Americans are currently afflicted with chronic wounds. Highlight your agency’s wound care management program and patient outcome scores when calling on your referring physicians. Show them your commitment to patient care by sharing a customized wound-care zone flyer with them. These flyers, customized with your agency’s information, provide patients with step-by-step instructions on when they are in the clear, or when they need to contact your agency or seek emergency care.

Facts about dressings:

Hydrocolloid – is non-breathable self-adhesive dressing that are coated with absorbent polysaccharides which keep the wound clean and promote quick healing.

Hydrogel – is a cooling gel that us used to treat painful non-leaking wounds and second-degree burns.

Alginate – is a biodegradable dressing that contains sodium and seaweed fibers for absorbing high amounts of fluid from wounds that have excessive drainage.

Collagen – is a frequently used dressing for chronic or large area wounds, that helps eliminate dead tissue, promote blood vessel growth, and wound closure. 

Foam – is a multipurpose dressing that perpetuates a moist bacteria-free environment for fast healing.

Transparent – a flexible clear film dressing for wounds that require close monitoring.

Cloth – is a commonly used dressing, best suited for minor injuries.

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