Promote Senior Independence through Print Media

Reaching an advanced age is indeed a blessing, but it comes with a long list of uncertainties. Atop that list is how to maintain an independent lifestyle. Home health and hospice provide seniors with care options that can extend their independence. TAG Partners provides home health and hospice agencies the print media to inform patients of care services, benefits, eligibility and the admission process.

TAG can help your agency capitalize on the amenity of home care in this age of convenience. Electronic media outlets tout online shopping for just about everything these days. Local grocery stores and restaurants are now promoting their home delivery services. In much the same way home health and hospice agencies need to promote the benefits of bringing health care to the patient.

The question is how to go about reaching your target market without breaking the bank. Television, radio, and digital advertising are broad and oftentimes expensive marketing mediums. Building referrals on a budget starts with defining your customers. For example, a large percentage of potential home health and hospice patients are seniors who spend a lot of time in physician and care center waiting areas. Maintaining a presence through print media in those waiting areas is a cost-effective way to reach a high concentration of potential clients. Targeted print media is an affordable marketing strategy for home health and hospice care.    

Call on potential referral sources such as surgeons, orthopedic specialists, cardiologists, oncologists, pulmonary therapists, and provide disease specific patient educational brochures. We have a wide variety disease information brochures and health care flyers all customizable with your agency’s branding.

Highlight the specialized care your agency provides. Many older adults may not be aware that home health and hospice care is covered under Medicare once eligibility has been met. Our informative home health care and hospice marketing brochures explain care services, practices, and payment options all while promoting your agency.

Visit for your home health, private duty, and hospice print media. Don’t see what you need online? Call us at 866-232-6477 x 2018. We have been providing home care marketing tools for years. Let us help you design custom admission books, marketing booklets, brochures, or flyers. We have a full-service print shop and graphics department at your disposal.

Make it easy for physicians to know when it’s time for hospice

Although the country seems to be more comfortable with the need for advance care planning, particularly evident in the recent CMS decision to allow physician reimbursement for these conversations, let’s face it, many doctors remain uncomfortable with the idea of hospice or even discussing hospice care with their patients.

All too often, patients begin hospice care so late in their disease that they only receive services for a few days when they could have been experiencing improvement in quality of life and symptom management for much longer.

As hospice companies continue their efforts to educate physicians about the good hospice can do, it can be beneficial to use tools to help doctors know when it’s appropriate to refer a patient with a particular diagnosis.

These referral materials should include the hospice eligibility guidelines and the related tools needed to determine whether a patient meets the criteria.

TAG Partners has created several materials to help you in your educational efforts and help you accomplish your goals of building strong referral partnerships.

• Guidelines for Hospice Admission flip charts are among the most popular educational materials TAG Partners produces. These coat-pocket-sized coil-bound booklets cover the criteria for hospice admission for a variety of diagnoses.

• Hospice Pocket Reference Guides offer a condensed version of the eligibility criteria as well as information on pain management, common problems, commonly used medications and tips for dealing with difficult patients.

• The new Hospice Eligibility Quick-Reference Guide provides an at-a-glance single-sheet reference for desktop use.

All three materials include information about the New York Heart Association Functional Classification, the Palliative Performance Scale, and Functional Assessment Staging.

While you’re discussing hospice eligibility with physicians, make sure they know about the new advance care planning payment rule. Check out this blog entry for more information.