Enhance senior safety this MedicAlert Awareness Month

The need for peace of mind about issues of health and safety at home grows as we age. Medic Alert tags and medical alert systems are great ways to make sure patients and their families know physicians are aware of health conditions right away, and that help is always at arm’s reach in case of an emergency. August is MedicAlert Awareness Month, and it’s a good opportunity to educate about this extra safety measure while also spreading awareness of the benefits of home care.

  • Visit the MedicAlert Foundation's website to learn more about these systems. Seniors can choose to wear jewelry, sports bands or other accessories that display information about conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and allergies. They also can link these medical IDs to their electronic medical records.
  • Create a flyer educating about the importance of medical IDs in the event of an emergency in which a person is unconscious or unresponsive. Include common conditions and treatments that people may have that might require special medical attention, such as diabetes, allergies, epilepsy, blood disorders, and use of a pacemaker or other medical device. Include your agency’s contact information and distribute it to churches and senior centers throughout your area.
  • Host a medical ID awareness event at a community center or senior center. Talk about the importance of these IDs and the various ways they can be displayed. Demonstrate smartphone and tablet apps that can be beneficial (such as Medical Alert), invite a pharmacist to discuss the wearable tags, and even invite a tattoo artist to discuss the possibilities of tattooing this important information on the body. Don’t forget to have plenty of agency collateral available for attendees.
  • Consider partnering with a medical alarm provider to offer your clients an extra layer of protection. Surveys have shown that older adults cite personal medical alarms as a main or important factor in their decision to remain living at home. Having this as part of your service offerings can help set you apart from other agencies in your community.
  • Host a home safety educational session at a local library and outline your agency’s fall prevention efforts. Invite a medical alarm provider in your community to also speak to the group about its services.

For more information about these strategies or to get started on creating your own educational materials, contact your sales representative at 866-232-6477.