Build consumer loyalty with Medicare card protective sleeves

As seniors begin receiving their new Medicare cards next April, health care providers have an excellent opportunity to provide them with a tool they’ll hold on to for years.

Medicare card protective sleeves are the most searched for item in our online store. Seniors know the paper cards provided by Medicare can quickly suffer the wear and tear of daily life and they often search for solutions to keep the cards in good condition.

Because Medicare recommends that enrollees not laminate their cards, the top alternative for their protection is a convenient plastic sleeve that is small enough to fit in a wallet and durable enough to withstand regular use.

Each of TAG’s sleeves comes pre-filled with a card that prominently features your referral information as well as Medicare’s toll-free number. These sleeves mean that not only will seniors have your contact details at their fingertips when they’re at the doctor; they’ll also have an added layer of protection from potential identity thieves who may be peering over their shoulders.

TAG Partners offers three different card sleeves designed to meet your business’ needs.

  • Sleeves for Home Health feature a card that promotes your company as the source for home health care
  • Sleeves for Hospice include a card that communicates to other medical providers that the patient is under your care and you should be contacted prior to any care being administered
  • Sleeves for General Use feature your logo and referral information and are ideal for private duty home care providers, insurance companies, and physicians who serve  large numbers of older patients

To mark the launch of the new Medicare card, TAG Partners is offering two promotions on Medicare card protective sleeves through Dec. 31, 2017. Take 10% off any order of this item with promo code MEDICARE OR get 15 sleeves free with every 100 that you buy.

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