Educate physicians to generate more high-quality referrals

One of the most powerful ways you can improve quality referrals to your home health or hospice company is by educating physicians on when it is appropriate to make that referral for care.

Although the concepts of home health care and hospice have become much more widely known in recent years, we all know that some physicians continue to be skeptical or simply uneducated about the services you can provide and how those services will affect a patient’s overall health and outcomes.

Referral sources also may not have the cost savings provided by this type of care at the forefront of their minds.

When you call on physician referral sources to make the case for in-home care, it’s very helpful to leave them with a clear, easy-to-understand guide that spells out when a referral to home health or hospice care is appropriate.

TAG Partners has simplified this by creating durable, pocket-sized guides designed for physicians to refer to as they evaluate a patient’s care options.

Guidelines for admission flip charts make it easy for physicians to know exactly when it's time to refer to home health or hospice. The in-depth flip charts include conditions commonly served by home health and hospice and their guidelines for admission. The home health product also includes diagnosis codes for more than 200 common conditions.

Pocket reference guides are an inexpensive way to get important basic referral guidelines into physicians’ hands. The pocket-sized home health refererence guide (complete with diagnosis code ranges) educates on home health eligibility, homebound criteria, and home health services. The hospice version includes information on hospice eligibility, disease-specific guidelines, staging guidelines, and advice for dealing with difficult patients.

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