5 ways to improve your brand’s visibilty

You’ve hired a great team and have solid educational materials to promote your services. Now what? Polishing your image and marketing yourself goes far beyond your logo, staff training, and agency collateral. The essence of who you are is ingrained in the details, big and small.

It’s important to step back and make a big-picture assessment of who you are, how you are being interpreted, and whether the message you’re conveying is the right one. Are you doing everything you can to maximize your positive visibility in your community?

Here are five ideas that can help:

  1. Make a great first impression. At minimum, your company should have a clear outdoor sign that makes it easy for visitors to find you. Once this is accomplished, you should review the elements on the interior of your office to ensure your brand is represented strongly and cohesively throughout your property. Even though your clients may never see the interior of your office, your employees, community stakeholders, and business partners will. Make sure this impression is a good one with strong signage, wall coverings, and more.
  2. Don’t overlook the obvious. There’s a way to make sure community awareness of your agency increases exponentially: turn your company cars into mobile billboards for your services. This can be as simple as a decal or magnet affixed to your door or as snazzy as a full vehicle wrap. This is a surprisingly affordable option that has a great ROI.
  3. Stand out. Whether you’re participating in a health fair or hosting a community presentation, make the experience more professional with branded retractable banner stands, table throws and hop-up tension fabric displays. Items like these will give your presentation an enhanced air of professionalism and authority.
  4. Improve recall with branded promotional items. Hand out useful promotional items that tie in with your presentation and feature your logo and contact information. Some ideas for this include branded nightlights for fall prevention presentations, branded pill boxes for medication education events, and home-shaped stress balls or collapsible hand fans for community events. Make the most of your investment by making sure your giveaways are not throwaways – useful and memorable items are key.
  5. Make your referral sources’ day. When you’re considering what to leave behind at physicians’ offices, the best branded materials are durable, educational and useful. Consider branded clipboards with referral criteria, guidelines for admission flip charts, or pocket reference guide for home health or hospice. There also will always be a place for items like adhesive notepads and pens – make sure yours are memorable by choosing something  a little unusual (like a pen with a built-in stylus tip to make working with EHRs a little easier).

If you’re ready to take the next steps, TAG Partners can help. Together with our parent company, Brand Imaging Group, we can help you showcase your brand and stand out in your market.