Thought about your website lately? It may be time for a tune-up

You don't have to be in tech to know whether a website is good or bad.

While you might not frame it that way when you're in the moment, you may become frustrated, irritated, or even angry about things like not being able to find what you're searching for, coming across a page that automatically plays a loud video, or navigating a page that is just unpleasant to look at.

If you've not spent much time thinking about your company's online presence, it's time for that to change. TAG Partners has just released a new free e-book to help. Get the Most from your Home Care Website is written with you in mind.

It shows you how to assess your own website to determine how well it is working for your company. It also addresses simple ways to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- the way Google and other search engines rank your page -- and introduces you to some free tools to help.

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