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We currently offer 26 different newsletters that can easily be incorporated into your agency’s bereavement care plan.

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Hospice Passages: 26 available issues

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Preparing for Approaching Death

This issue discusses the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical signs and symptoms of the dying process and offers practical guidance to help the caregiver understand the natural things that are happening as the body prepares itself for the final stages of life and how to respond appropriately.

Benefits of End-of-Life Conversations

This issue educates on the importance of end-of-life conversations in improving the quality of life for patients and their loved ones.

A Guide to Grief

This issue discusses the grieving process, including the stages of grief, how to find support, how to recognize the need for help, and how to cope when grief returns.

Continuity of Physician Care

This issue features a study that finds dying patients and their families suffer from lack of continuity of physician care, with NHPCO stressing the importance of continued involvement between hospice providers and patients’ primary physicians.

Understanding Advance Directives

This issue educates on the different types of advance directives, how they work, and how to complete them. It also features a story about a study that notes a lack of awareness about advance directives keeps many people from letting loved ones know their wishes about end-of-life care.

Your Hospice Questions Answered

This issue answers many common questions about hospice, including a hospice overview, the goals of hospice, hospice eligibility, hospice services, payment options, medication, and choosing a qualified provider.

Research Finds Patients Live Longer Under Hospice Care

This issue features a study published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management that reports that hospice care may prolong the lives of some terminally ill patients.

Learn More about Pain and Finding Relief

This issue discusses chronic pain and resources available to help manage that pain. It also features a story about facts you may not know about hospice and a preview of a resource to help family caregivers.

Expert Describes Evolving Roles of Hospice and Palliative Care

This issue features a discussion on what hospice and palliative care do and how they can help patients and their families.

Hospice: A Compassionate Approach to End-of-Life Care

This issue contains an overview of hospice, including what it is, the services it provides, who pays for hospice, and how patients can learn more.

Grief Isn’t Just Emotional – It’s Physical Too

This issue discusses the physical, mental and emotional symptoms that may be experienced when a person is grieving.

Caregiving Stress

This issue contains an explanation of caregiver stress, including symptoms of caregiver stress, ways to relieve this stress, and how to get help.

Bereavement and Coping with Depression

This issue discusses the normal stages of grief and how to recognize when a person’s grief may be worsening into complicated grief or depression.

Grief Over Losing Loved One Linked to Higher Heart Attack Risks

This issue discusses the results of a recent study that found those who are grieving may be at increased risk of suffering a heart attack.

When is it OK to Lie to Your Aging Parents?

This issue features a story about when it might be beneficial to tell small lies to older adults, especially if they are suffering from dementia or the information may cause undue stress.

Research Shows Patients May Live Longer with Hospice and Palliative Care

This issue features a story about research that adds to the body of evidence showing that many patients live longer with hospice and palliative care.

Seniors Grieving the Loss of a Spouse

This issue discusses how to support a grieving older adult and the types of decisions grieving spouses should avoid following their loss.

Making Healthcare Decisions Ahead of Time Brings Peace of Mind to Families

This issue features a story about advance directives and how specifying end-of-life care options can ease a heavy burden on family members.

When Death is Coming

This issue educates on the physical signs that indicate death is imminent, as well as ways family caregivers can help the patient.

Dying Like a Doctor

This issue examines the ways physicians generally prefer to die as compared to the feelings of the general population, and the reasons physicians would typically refuse invasive treatments.

Therapy Dogs Can Sooth Hospice Patients

This issue examines the benefits hospice patients can receive through contact with therapy dogs. 

Funeral planning now can ease stress for survivors later

This issue discusses the importance of funeral planning in advance and includes a checklist of funeral items that can be arranged prior to death.

Concurrent Care: Children in Hospice Can Still Receive Curative Care through Medicaid

This issue discusses the Concurrent Care for Children provision of the Affordable Care Act that allows children enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP to receive both hospice and curative care at the same time.

Creating Beautiful Memories Near the End of Life

This issue provides information on different ways those with life-limiting illnesses can leave behind a legacy of memories.

Hospice Care Supports Our Nation’s Veterans

This issue describes the unique needs of hospice patients who are veterans and how they are supported by hospice.

Surviving Loss at the Holidays

This Issue discusses the challenges of grieving during the holidays.

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